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What is Aurora Entertainment? Aurora Entertainment?

In-flight entertainment system includes movies, music, TV-serials, audiobooks, games and may other options for any age.

Aurora Entertainment is available on all flights of Aurora Airlines: it enables anyone to have good time in-flight using their mobile device.

The program contains more than 100 hours of video-content (domestic and foreign), including new movies, TV-serials and children’s channel.

You will not have to look at the back of the front seat anymore!


Any passenger will find something to enjoy among the audio content of various genres; whether you like music or audio books – everyone will find something to make their time aboard comfortable.

You can even listen to Gogol (not the original version)

Games offered within our system distract your child from bustle of a flight.

Do not forget your child after the flight

Each user of the entertainment system can use chat, which connects all passengers in an online room, where they can discuss topical issues.

Example: Who is flying to what destination and what type of sandwich you got?

How to begin using it?

In order to begin using our system aboard an aircraft you need to:

1. Have a smartphone with a fully charged battery

2. Set it into “in flight” mode »   Airplane-mode.png   and insert your headphones    Headphones.png

3. Turn on Wi-Fi network in your device  Wi-Fi.png

4. Connect to the network   Aurora-AirFi-2.png

5.Open your internet browser (Chrome, Opera, Safari, FireFox) and type in the address bar «airfi.aero»»

Enjoy multimedia content! 

If you have any problems with connection, ask our board attendants for help or use the detailed instruction in the pocket of the seat in front of you.


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