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Children from 5 to 16 years old travelling without parents

Does your child from 5 to 16 years old travel alone without adults? Our Airlines offers the service of accompanying. Our personnel cares for safety of a little traveler and will give him/her the necessary attention and care.

Do not forget to order special food for the child, who has special preferences, medical indications or religious beliefs. The special food is granted free of charge. You can order special food, when you book a flight or receive your tickets, but not later than 36 hours prior to the scheduled flight. You can order special food and the service of accompanying a child, when you receive your tickets.

Receiving tickets and the service of accompanying a child

When you book a flight for a child from 5 to 12 years old travelling alone, ordering the service of accompanying is mandatory. Pursuant to a request of parents, adoption parents, guardians or custodians, children under 16 years old can be rendered the service too.

Children under 5 years old may fly only accompanied by adult passengers.

The service of accompanying children is rendered for a fee and is granted only on direct flights performed jointly with Aeroflot PJSC and only on domestic flights.

If your child is from 5 to 12 years old, his flight should be paid 100% from the applicable adult rate in force on this destination without any children’s discount or in accordance with an applicable rate for an unaccompanied child. When you book the service of accompanying, you need to fill in a standard application form for shipping an unaccompanied child.

The customer, who orders the service, must guarantee that the child will be met at the arrival airport. People seeing him/her off must stay at the departure airport until the aircraft takes off. Please, inform that your child travels alone, when you book the flight.

Rules of rendering the services of accompanying

The service of accompanying should be booked and paid for along with booking and paying for the flight at offices of Aurora Airlines or at offices of service providers. The service can be booked by the child’s legal representatives: parents, adoption parents, guardians or custodians.

In order to book the service, you need to provide a document of identification of the applicant and a document confirming relation to the child (a birth certificate, a document confirming adoption, guardianship or custodianship). 

At the departure airport

Registering for a flight 

You need to arrive to the airport in advance to register for your flight, check in your baggage and undergo pre-flight control.

Please, bear in mind, that children who are rendered the service of accompanying by the Airlines, must register at the airport registration desk. You cannot register at self-registration kiosks, using your mobile device or online.

You need to submit the following documents during registration:  

  • Birth certificate or a passport of citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • A document of identification of the person seeing the child off;
  • Filled in applications and other forms indicating the necessary information (names, addresses, telephone numbers) of the seeing off and meeting individuals;
  • МСО, confirming payment for the accompanying service.

A package of documents packed in a plastic bag with a label “UM: Unaccompanied child” needed for the trip;

  • Travel documents, itinerary receipt, boarding pass, baggage coupon;
  • Application and other forms related to shipping an unaccompanied child;
  • A certificate of birth or a passport and documents needed for passport control.

The child must keep the plastic bag during the entire trip.

Person seeing the child off must be at the airport until the aircraft takes off.  


When a child flies independently, the applicable maximum baggage allowance is the one in force for the chosen service class and the rate.

We recommend that you should attach an identification label to the baggage you plan to check in with contact information on it. It is recommended that the child should have as few carry-on items, as he/she can.

Please, check the child’s baggage. It should not contain any items prohibited for shipping.

Upon arrival 

After the aircraft lands, a board attendant submits the child to an employee of a ground handling service. The people you indicated, who are supposed to meet the child, must be at the airport by the time the aircraft arrives and be able to provide an effective document of identification with a photo.

The child should be submitted to the meeting person upon presentation of an ID.

Personnel of the Airlines is ready to render help to disabled passengers, when they board an aircraft and disembark it upon arrival. 

Consult a doctor before buying a ticket:

  • if a flight is permitted from the medical point of view;
  • what precautions you should take;
  • if you need someone to accompany you during the flight. 

Please, inform us, what special services and help you need during a flight. We do not require detailed information about your dysfunctions, however, the more information you give our employees when planning your trip, the better we can help you. Employees of our airlines will answer your questions and inform you about important aspects and procedures. Please, inform us, if you plan to take your wheelchair with you (its size, if it is foldable, if it is equipped with a battery, type of the battery), crutches or a guide dog.

The service of shipping passengers with intellectual disabilities is rendered only upon presentation of a medical certificate indicating the necessity to accompany the passenger. Shipping such passenger must be coordinated with the Carrier in advance and confirmed immediately before the flight. At the departure airport, passengers of this category undergo registration through the airport’s first aid post; during this procedure they must be accompanied by a medical professional / employee of the airport / Airlines from the point of registration to the point of boarding at the departure airport and from the aircraft until the passenger is submitted to parties meeting him/her at the arrival airport. 


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