For Passengers

Passenger memorandum

In order NOT TO WORRY about
your travel, please, make all
preparations beforehand

For passengers travelling to Korea!

Due to frequent deportation from Korea applied to Russian citizens- visitors of Korea, it is necessary to have with you the following documents:

  • return ticket and/or ticket to follow to another third country.
  • hotel booking confirmation ;
  • bank statement, plastic card to provide to Korean banks or cash in the amount sufficient for the whole period of stay;
  • touristic route;
  • contacts of inviting party.

Before flight,

you need to take with you:

  • Visa and

If you travel abroad, don’t forget to take with you your foreign passport with valid visa and other necessary documents. You can get official information about additional documents in the consulate of the country you want to visit.


Passenger check-in starts 2 hours prior to and ends 40 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.

Attention! Preflight check and boarding of passengers ends 20 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. Late passengers are not allowed to fly.

Any passenger is responsible for compliance with state authority norms related to the country, from/via which territory the flight is performed, and for completion of passport, customs, currency, sanitary, quarantine and other formalities and compliance with all Aurora’s effective rules.

Aurora retains the right to deny a passenger for flight, if he/she is not complied with the above rules.

Dangerous and prohibited items

You can find the list of dangerous
and prohibited items here.


Aviation safety

Passengers shall be aware of emergency exit layout, rules for use of lifejackets and emergency oxygen system to enable crew and emergency service act properly in emergency cases. The aircrafts are of different types and, thus, they have different emergency exit layout, equipment location points. Before flight, listen to flight attendant’s instructions attentively and read the emergency instruction.

If you sit or sleep during the whole flight, we recommend you keep your safety belt fastened. This will prevent any injuries in case of turbulence.

You can use any electronic devices during flight, however, at climb, descent, ascent and landing we prohibit using any electronic devices to prevent any defects for aircraft radio equipment.

You will get the detailed information from flight attendants during flight.

We take care of passenger health, safety and comfort while flying and act in compliance with international standards, that’s why Aurora passengers shall follow non-smoking policy including electronic cigarettes.

Aurora recommend its passengers to limit use of alcoholic beverages before flight and onboard. It is categorically prohibited to drink alcohol onboard, except those provided by Sky Shop Service. Aurora’s crew have the right to prohibit flying for a drunk passenger or in case of terroristic threat or hooliganism.

Medical recommendations

During flight, passengers can experience health problems due to hypoxia, atmospheric pressure change and acceleration. Limited mobility during long-distance flight also affect any passenger and result in thrombosis. To reduce risk and mitigate negative effects, we use the following the doctor’s instructions:

  • you should choose any comfortable shoes for flight;
  • drink water and juice oftener during flight and reject any alcoholic drinks, coffee or tee;
  • reject eating much before or during flight to avoid nausea;
  • if case of headache – focus on any immobile object, in case of earache – use sweets;
  • it is useful to take some proactive steps for your eyes, nose etc to feel comfortable;
  • while seating try not cross your legs and do some recommended exercises.


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