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Check-in and Pre-flight Inspection


Any passenger who has a ticket should check in and pass aviation security control at the departure airport. For an international flight, passengers should also undergo customs and passport control, as well as quarantine, immigration, veterinary, phytosanitary and other controls, as may be necessary.

Passengers should arrive to the check-in and baggage counter well in advance to undergo necessary pre-flight formalities (check-in, excess baggage payment, security check, customs, passport control and other procedures, arrival and departure documents execution), board and have their baggage loaded on board. Check-in starts 2 hours and end 40 minutes prior to the departure time specified in the ticket. The departure time shown in the ticket is local.

For passengers traveling inter- and intra-regionally by such air crafts as DHC-8, check-in starts 1.5 hour and ends 40 minutes prior to the departure time specified in the ticket.

For passengers traveling within Primorsky and Khabarovsk regions by air crafts like DHC-6, check-in starts 1 hour and ends 15 minutes prior to the departure time specified in the ticket.

For check-in, passengers should show their ID. Also, if necessary, a passenger should have with him/her documentation confirming special requirements of this Passenger and his/her baggage (power of attorney for a child, liability for an accompanied child traveling, medical certificate, veterinary certificate, etc.).

For international flights, passengers must have proper departure, arrival and other documents as required by laws of the country of arrival, departure or transfer.

At check-in, a passenger receives a boarding pass indicating passenger’s name, flight number, itinerary, departure date, boarding end time and seat number.

Where necessary, a boarding pass may also bear other additional information.

Passengers can board the air craft upon provision of the boarding pass for the relevant flight.

A passenger who failed to arrive before the end of the check-in or boarding, will not be allowed to travel on this flight.

To avoid any possible inconveniences during checking-in or ticket purchasing, prior approval is required for:

  • passenger traveling with a child under two;
  • child not accompanied by an adult;
  • seriously ill passenger, unaccompanied hearing challenged passenger, visually challenged passenger with a guide dog, unaccompanied hearing and/or visually challenged passenger, passenger with limited ambulation and/or requiring special attention during servicing;
  • passenger bearing arms and/or ammunition;
  • baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance (hereinafter referred to as the excess baggage);
  • baggage, one piece of which in a package exceeds two hundred and three centimeters in combined three dimensions (hereinafter referred to as excess baggage);
  • baggage, one piece of which weighs over thirty-two kilograms (hereinafter referred to as heavy baggage);
  • dogs, cats, birds and other small house (tamed) pets (hereinafter referred to as pets (birds).

Passengers may also check in for flights under Aeroflot’s commercial management (SU) using online or mobile check-in:

Online check-in for Aurora flights (HZ):

Space+ Enhanced Comfort Seat Service

On jointly operated flights with Aeroflot PJSC, Economy Class passengers can use the Space+ service. This is a paid service, the request and payment should be done at the departure airport. Passengers pay a fixed rate and receive a payment confirmation document (Miscellaneous Charges Order).

The Space+ service can be requested at airport check-in for scheduled short- and medium-haul flights of direct and connecting routes. To purchase the service, please tell a check-in officer that you would like to use the Space+ service, and, if there are available seats, you will be checked in to a more comfortable seat. Payment is made at the Excess Baggage cash desk, at Aeroflot counters or at counters of ground handling agents at airports in the Russian Federation or abroad.

On short duration flights (up to 3 hours), the service fee is RUB 1,000 when departing from Russia or EUR 15 when departing from abroad.

On long duration flights (3 to 6 six hours), the service fee is RUB 1,600 when departing from Russia or EUR 25 when departing from abroad.

The service if provided free of charge for the following passengers:

  • Aeroflot Bonus Platinum Members with the possibility of pre-booking through a personal assistant or at airport check-in;
  • Aeroflot Bonus Gold Members at airport check-in;
  • passengers who have a paid Comfort Class ticket and the next trip on connecting transfer flight in Economy Class - at airport check-in.

Aeroflot Bonus Silver Members get a 50% discount on the service.

Space+ seats can also be provided at the request of the Aeroflot Bonus Platinum and Gold Members on board the aircraft after all the passengers are seated, subject there are available seats. Space+ seats on board are provided upon presentation of a valid membership card or on the basis of information about passenger’s membership status in the passenger list.

Space+ seats located at the emergency exit row are provided subject to restrictions for certain categories of passengers due to flight safety requirements. The following passengers may not be seated in the emergency exit row:

  • children of age 2 to 12 and/or infants (under age of 2) whether accompanied or not;
  • passengers under 18;
  • unaccompanied children regardless of their age;
  • pregnant women;
  • passengers, whose size*, mental and/or physical condition do not allow them to quickly understand crew’s instructions and/or take necessary actions in case of emergency evacuation;
  • passengers who do not speak either Russian or English;
  • passengers traveling under control of law enforcement officers and/or deported/inadmissible passengers;
  • passengers carrying pets in the air craft cabin.

(*) if a passenger needs to use an extension seat belt, it means s/he is a plus size passenger.

If the Space+ service was purchased but never provided on board the aircraft, the paid amount shall be refunded at passenger’s request upon furnishing of the MCO marked by a check-in assistant or a flight attendant at the airline’s sales office.

Pre-flight Inspection

For reasons of flight safety, passengers, baggage, including things the passenger carries with him/her, and cargo shall undergo mandatory pre-flight and, where may be required, post-flight inspection.

Pre-flight and post-flight inspections of the passenger, baggage, including things the passenger carries with him/her, is made at the airport by authorized aviation safety officers and officers of internal affairs agency on transport involved in pre-flight and post-flight inspections.

If a passenger refuses to be inspected, the Carrier is entitled to cancel the air carriage agreement unilaterally with the refund of the flight fare paid in accordance with these Rules and Carrier’s Tariff Rules.


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