Flight delays and cancellations

As stipulated by the Federal "Rules for Carriage of Passengers, Baggage, and Cargo by Air and Requirements for Service of Passengers, Consignors, and Consignees," effective from October 20, 2007, the Carrier shall have the right to cancel or delay the flight specified in a ticket or an air waybill, change the aircraft type, and change the route, if so required for flight safety and/or aviation security purposes, or by demand of state authorities in accordance with their competence.

In case of flight delay or cancellation due to adverse weather conditions, technical and other reasons, or change of the flight route, Aurora Airlines shall provide the following services to passengers at the airports of departure and transfer*:

  • provision of rooms for mothers with children under seven years old;
  • two telephone calls or two emails when waiting more than two hours for departure;
  • provision of cold drinks when waiting for departure for more than two hours;
  • a hot meal when waiting for departure for more than four hours, and once every six subsequent hours during the day and every eight hours at night;
  • hotel accommodation when waiting for departure for more than eight hours during the day and more than six hours at night;
  • transportation from the airport to the hotel and back if the hotel is provided at no extra charge;
  • baggage storage.

The waiting time for departure begins at the scheduled departure time indicated on the ticket.

The services specified in this section are provided to passengers at no extra charge.


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