Baggage and carry-on items 

All baggage shipped by the passenger, including carry-on items, must be submitted for registration for a flight as provided by flight safety requirements.

Dear passengers, please, bear in mind that free baggage allowance depends on an aircraft type, flight direction and service class.

The Airlines accepts baggage of a passenger for shipping, assumes liability for its intactness, marks it with a baggage tag and ships it in the aircraft’s baggage compartment – this baggage is called checked in baggage.

We recommend that you should attach a nametag to each such baggage coli indicating your last name in Latin letters, flight number, date and you phone number.

Aurora Airlines uses simplified system for identifying free baggage allowance based on item system on the directions listed below. The item system is differentiated based on direction, type of an aircraft and service class.

Free checked in baggage allowance 


Type of an aircraft

Free baggage allowance (number of coli and weight) for checked in baggage and carry-on items

Business class

Economy class

Infants under 2 years old without an individual seat

Checked in baggage

Carry-on items

Checked in baggage

Carry-on items


Flights under commercial operation of Aeroflot PJSC (SU)


2 coli up to 32 kilograms each

1 coli up to 15 kilograms

1 coli 23 kilograms each

1 coli up to 10 kilograms

1 coli up 10 kilograms






Flights of Aurora Airlines JSC (HZ)




1 coli 23 kilograms

1 coli 5 kilograms each

2 coli 23 kilograms*

not provided for**

Inter-regional flights within Primorsky region



1 coli up 10 kilograms


Is included into the free checked-in baggage allowance

* - applies to flights Vladivostok – Narita – Vladivostok and Vladivostok – Harbin – Vladivostok

** - applies to no return fares, where free baggage allowance is not provided fo.

*** - cabin of DHC-6 does not enable to allocate carry-on items safely, except for the items permitted to be shipped in an aircraft cabin in excess of the free carry-on items baggage allowance.  

Size of checked in baggage and carry-on items shipped free of charge should not exceed:

  • 158 cm – the sum of three dimensions of checked in baggage for business and economy class;
  • 115 cm – the sum of three dimensions of checked in baggage of infants, who are not assigned a separate seat regardless of the service class; 
  • Maximum length is 55 cm, maximum width is 40 cm, maximum height is 25 cm – one coli of carry-on items in all service classes on flights by A-319 aircraft;
  • Maximum length is 50 cm, maximum width is 32 cm, maximum height is 18 cm – one coli of carry-on items in all service classes on flights by Bombarder DHC-8 aircraft;

If total weight of a passenger’s baggage (including weight of carry-on items) does not exceed 10 kilograms, number of baggage coli is not limited. 

The following items (per one passenger) may be shipped in excess of the free carry-on baggage allowance free of charge as carry-on items:

  • a backpack not heavier than 5 kilograms and not bigger than 80 cm (sum of its three dimensions), a lady’s purse or a brief case, which may contain the following items:
  • a bouquet of flowers;
  • outer garments;
  • baby formula to feed a baby during the flight;
  • a suit in a garment bag;
  • a baby carrier (a baby cradle, child restraints for children under two years old, a baby stroller with dimensions not greater than 42 x 50 x20 cm) (if a child is shipped), which can be safely located in an aircraft cabin on a shelf over a passenger seat or under the seat in the front. A child restraint for installing onto a passenger seat certified for using in aircrafts equipped with safety belts may be shipped, if a seat for a child has been paid for;
  • medications and substances for special dietary needs in the amount needed for the flight;
  • crutches, canes, walking frames, rollators, a folding wheel chair, removable prosthetic limbs (arms, legs), portable oxygen concentrator (with dimensions not greater than 55 x 40 x 20 cm) used by a passenger, which can be safely located in an aircraft cabin. The mentioned means of moving may be shipped in an aircraft cabin subject to availability of a sufficient space to accommodate it safely, otherwise, it should be submitted as checked in baggage free of charge;
  • goods purchased from duty free stores at the airport packed in one sealed plastic bag; the sum of its dimensions should not exceed 115 cm. 

Special terms of shipping certain items as carry-on items 

At a passenger’s discretion, he/she may ship one of the following items as one of the carry-on items in compliance with restrictions for the respective service classes in respect of weight:

  • One musical instrument, sum of which three dimensions does not exceed 135 cm;
  • One guitar, sum of which three dimensions exceeds 135 cm, subject to preliminary coordination through contact center, sales office of the Airlines or its official agent at least 36 hours prior to the scheduled flight (number of guitars accepted for shipping in an aircraft cabin is limited);
  • One lawn tennis racket / squash racket packed in a case;
  • One badminton set consisting of two simple rackets and 3 birdies packed in a case.

If the stated items are shipped as carry-on items, the passenger is not allowed to ship other carry-on items as well (except for the items, shipped in excess of the free allowance free of charge). 


Children under two years old shipped without a separate seat are not entitled to a free carry-on items allowance and the right to ship certain items in excess of the stated allowance free of charge.

A passenger must make sure carry-on items and items shipped in an aircraft cabin in excess of the free carry-on items allowance are intact.

During registration and boarding, a passenger must submit his/her carry-on items for weighing, including a backpack, a baby cradle and a baby stroller if a baby is shipped upon the Carrier’s requirement.

Carry-on items, which exceed the Carrier’s free carry-on items allowance, should be checked in by the passenger as required by terms of the concluded contract of carriage by air.

Please, bear in mind, that if carry-on items in excess of the free carry-on baggage allowance, which have not been paid for, are found during boarding, the Airlines may rescind the passenger’s contract of carriage unilaterally.

Transfer baggage is registered for shipping to the destination point indicated in the ticket, which shows the initial point of departure. If you have two separate tickets (bookings), baggage should be registered for shipping to the first stopover, to the turning point indicated in a ticket under which a passenger is accepted for shipping. Payment for oversized baggage is accepted to the same points of shipping, to which baggage is accepted and registered. Due to peculiarities of local airports or in accordance with requirements of state bodies, processing baggage (reloading from one flight to another) of transfer passengers is not ensured in the following airports:

  • Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (in case of any flights connection);
  • Khabarovsk (in case of flights connection from federal points (located on the territory of the Russian Federation) to international points and back).

In this case, you need to receive your baggage at the stopover airport and proceed to the registration desk for the next flight to register your baggage.

If weight, width or height of your baggage exceeds the free baggage allowance, you need to pay for the registered oversized baggage according to the rates indicated below.

Item system stipulates for the following rates for baggage registered in excess of the free baggage allowance on domestic and international flights: 

Category of baggage in excess of free baggage allowance

Category of excess

Rate in Russian rubles (only for shipping inside the Russian Federation)

Rate in Euros (for other shipping)

Number of coli

1st* and 2nd coli



2rd and subsequent coli



Excess in weight

More than 23 kilograms, but not more than 32 kilograms



More than 32 kilograms, but not greater than 50 kilograms



Excess in the sum of dimensions

More than 158 cm, but not greater than 203 cm



More than 203 cm



* is applied to no return rates, to which free baggage allowance does not apply.

If the free baggage allowance is increased on the several categories, the total rate will be the sum of the respective rates due to registering baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance.

In case of intraregional flights within Sakhalin region, the following baggage rates apply to the baggage registered in excess of the free baggage allowance:



Category of excess

Rate, rubles / kilograms

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – Okha and back

1st coli exceeding 23 kilograms, 2nd coli and subsequent coli according to the actual weight. In excess of 158 cm (sum of three dimensions).


Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – Kurilsk and back


Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – Yuzhno-Kurilsk and back


Children from 2 to 12 years old are entitled to the same free baggage allowance, which applies to adult passengers.

Free baggage allowance for infants under 2 years old (without a separate seat) equals one coli of total weight not greater than 10 kilograms and the sum of three dimensions not greater than 115 cm regardless of the service class.

The free baggage allowance in respect of registered baggage applies to the entire itinerary each way from the registration point to the first stopover for longer than 24 hours or to the destination point.

If free baggage allowance is exceeded in respect of weight and dimensions, the total rate will be the sum of the rate for the weight exceeding the free baggage allowance and the rate for the entire weight of oversized baggage coli. Heavy baggage (which one coli is heavier than 32 kilograms, but not heavier than 50 kilograms) may be shipped only upon preliminary coordination with the Carrier. Weight of one baggage coli must not exceed 50 kilograms.

Fluids, gels and aerosols not relegated to dangerous:

Should be shipped in containers not greater than 100 ml in volume (or an equivalent container, which volume is measured in other units) packed in a reliably sealed transparent plastic bag 1 liter in volume – one bag per passenger. Fluids in containers more than 100 ml in volume may not be accepted for shipping even if they are only filled partially. The only exception is medications, baby formula and special dietary needs.

Fluids purchased from duty free stores at an airport or aboard an aircraft must be packed in a reliably sealed plastic bag, which ensures that any access to the contents during the flight can be identified and attests that it was purchased from a duty free store at an airport or aboard an aircraft on the day (days) of the trip.


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