Quality Management System

JSC Aurora Airlines has developed and implemented a quality management system based on the international standard ISO 9001:2015 “Quality Management System Requirements”.

Quality Management System is a universal model; it meets requirements of all interested parties (shareholders, management, personnel, service providers) as far as possible and is based on the generally accepted world practice.

The quality program is developed on the yearly basis. Based on the program, quality of business processes is modified and continuously improved.

Owing to the system approach in managing the Airlines, senior executives conduct business analysis on a regular basis.

Each officer of the Airlines is responsible for quality of his/her work and observes the QMS requirements applicable to work of the officers.

The management is in charge of providing resources required for efficient operation and in charge of supervision. 

The experience has proven that revealing any problems in management system at early stages allows to identify the root cause in due time and take adequate corrective and preventive measures.

The Airlines has developed and adopted the main corporate policies. The corporate policies reflect commitments of the Airlines’ management related to industrial culture and are designed to provide fundamentals for continuous assessment and estimation of results, as well as the necessary related measurements, in order to further improve management system and industrial culture. Corporate policies are executed as Operations Manuals or other controlled documents of the Airlines. To ensure that they are up to date, corporate policies are revised at least every two years.

On the basis of annually approved schedules, the Airlines’ divisions regularly arrange internal quality audits.

During the past several years, the quality and certification service has quarterly published the Bulletin for the Airlines’ employees to ensure exchange of information about functioning of the quality management system within the company, including statistical surveys of the performed audits and news of the civil aviation industry.

In 2012, JSC Aurora Airlines was entered into IOSA Operators’ Registry (IATA) and now it regularly qualifies for a safe air operator status. Successful undergoing of audit in accordance with IOSA standards prove implementation of advanced standards by the Airlines applicable to aviation safety management.

IOSA program (IATA Operational Safety Audit Program) is designed for audit of an Operator’s business based on standardized requirements to it (more than 900 IOSA Standards and Recommended Practices – ISARPs). ISARPs were specially designed for IATA in 2001 – 2003. They contain the relevant guidelines and methodological documents to assess operational management and control systems. ISARPs are based on a summary of the advanced international experience of Operators, and are applicable to SARPs ICAO and coordinated quality management principles in Operators’ business, which have undergone practical inspection and expert assessment by a broad group of experts in the field.

It provides for a risk management system to mitigate the influence of any human factors, and includes a non-punitive system of operation reports ensuring the prompt taking of corrective and preventive measures. Actions of each employee in the Airlines are prescribed down to the very last detail, which represent the aviation safety technology.

IOSA certificates provide our Airlines with many privileges the main of which is the confirmed international status of a safe air operator.

IOSA Standards Manual is constantly updated, altered and revised subject to amended requirements in aviation industry and regulating documents.

The Airlines has implemented and continuously maintains a corporate system of risk management (CSRM). The Airlines has developed the corporate risk management standard, which conduces to implementation of management processes based on a uniform risk management methodology. The standard includes principles, approaches, rules and algorithms, which help choose methods and means of risk management at Aurora Airlines, JSC. We keep a single risk register for the entire company, register of corruption risks, register of occurred risks, assess the risks, introduce means of control, develop events aimed to manage them. Functional efficiency of CSRM components is assessed from time to time.

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