Quality Management System

Aurora Airlines JSC has developed and implemented a quality management system based on international standard ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. Requirements.

The quality management system is a universal model that meets best the requirements of all stakeholders (shareholders, management, personnel, service providers), and is based on generally accepted global principles.

The quality program is developed on an annual basis. The quality of business processes is continuously changed and improved based on this program.

Thanks to the Airline's systematic approach towards governance, the senior management analyzes its performance on a regular basis.

Every employee of the Airline is responsible for the quality of their work and complies with the QMS requirements for the employee's activities.

Management are responsible for providing the necessary resources for the efficient performance of processes and also perform a supervisory function.
As practice shows, recognizing issues in the management system at the initial stages enables the prompt identification of the route cause and ensures that proper corrective and preventive actions are taken.

The Airline has developed and adopted the main corporate policies. They describe the commitments of the Airline's management regarding the culture of its operational activities, and are designed to serve as a basis for continuously measuring and evaluating key results, and to enable the necessary relevant changes in order to continuously improve the management system and the culture of operational activities.

The corporate policies are set out in the operation manuals or other controlled documents of the Airline. The corporate policies shall be revised every two years to ensure their relevance.

Internal quality audits are performed in the Airline's divisions on a regular basis according to an annual schedule.

Over several years, the Quality and Certification Service has been publishing a quarterly newsletter for the Airline's employees to provide information on the operation of the quality management system in the company, including an overview of statistical data on audits and civil aviation news.

In 2012, Aurora Airlines JSC was entered into the register of IOSA operators, and since then, the company has regularly confirmed its status as a safe carrier. Successful completion of the audit based on the IOSA standards will confirm implementation of the advanced flight safety control standards by the Airline.

The IOSA Program (IATA Operational Safety Audit Program) is designed to audit the activities of Operators on the basis of standardized requirements for their performance (over 900 IOSA Standards and Recommended Practices (ISARPs)). ISARPs were specially designed by IATA in 2001–2003. They contain relevant guidelines and methodical documents for evaluation of the Operational Management and Control Systems of the Operators' activities. ISARPs are based on the consolidation of the global best practices of the Operators' activities, applicable SARPs ICAO, and agreed quality management principles for the Operators' activities, which have undergone a practical check and expert evaluation by a wide group of specialists in this area.

There is a risk management system to mitigate the effect of human factors and a non-punitive system of operating notices, which enables the prompt performance of corrective and preventive actions. The actions of each Airline employee are described down to the last detail for the purpose of the flight safety assurance technology.

IOSA certificates give our Airline lots of advantages, the main being our confirmed international status as a safe air carrier.

The IOSA Guide is updated, improved, and evaluated on a regular basis according to the changing requirements of the aviation industry and governing documents.

The Airline has implemented and maintains on a regular basis a corporate risk management system (CRMS). The corporate risk management standard has been developed to facilitate implementation of the management processes based on the uniform risk management methodology. The standard sets out the principles, approaches, rules, and algorithms for choosing risk management methods and tools at Aurora Airline JSC. The company maintains a general risk register, a register of corruption risks, a register of materialized risks, evaluates risks, establishes control instruments, elaborates risk management actions, and evaluates the functional efficiency of the CRMS components from time to time.


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