Our philosophy

Helping development of the Far East, Aurora Airlines connects people, ensures safe and comfortable shipping by air, takes care of each passenger, raising the standard of living to a totally new level!

  • We are a Far Eastern Airlines, which connects the local, regional and international shipping by air into an integrated route network.
  • Our main goal is to uphold transportation availability in the Far Eastern District. Reliability and a high-level service. This work is done by a team of professionals employing advanced interaction methods.
  • Continuously developing, the team creates innovations, which help advance quality and the company’s efficiency within the industry.

Connecting people, we unite Far East.

Our values:

  1. Love to what we do!
  2. We love aviation and what we are doing. We are proud of our company and people!

  3. A close-knit team of professionals!
  4. Everyone is important to us. We develop an efficient cooperation! Professionalism is continuous development. Developing ourselves, implementing innovations, we develop the company and, thus, Far East.

  5. Care for people!
  6. The greatest value is life and health of a person. Caring for others, we become better. We include care for passengers and employees into everything we do.

  7. Family values!
  8. A family makes one strong and happy. It is important for us that everyone should have a happy family, that through our work we can bring people together, that the Airlines feels like a family to our employees.

  9. Freedom of travel!
  10. Travelling helps a person discover the world, get good impressions, which he/she can share with others. We want your every flight with us to feel like travelling!

  11. Efficiency and benefit for the society!
  12. We are a part of the big interconnected world. All our actions bring results to shareholders and contribute to development of the Far East. Our achievements are impossible without involvement with the life of the society. We actively participate in socially significant projects.


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