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Transit tourism: Korea

Transit tourism: Korea

If you travel to some country via the International Incheon Airport, we highly recommend you to visit Korea, to see its places of interest and learn its culture. You may use the opportunity of transit tour, even if you have only very little free time. In Korea, there are many programs of transit tourism. You can choose the one that better suits your flight. If you did not manage to plan your transit travel beforehand, please, ask for help upon arrival to Incheon Airport at the Transit Tourism Helpdesk where you will be advised of the best transit travel. You may choose the type of tour you need – sightseeing tour or shopping tour, etc. Lets’ travel to Korea to get some exciting impressions instead of waiting for your flight in the airport.

1.      Free transit tourism 

Transit tour helpdesk 

- 2nd floor, next to gates 25 & 29
- 1st floor, next to gate 8, helpdesks No. 41 & 42 of Hana Tour Co., 

Among the transit tours available in Incheon Airport, there are Incheon tour, Seoul tour, Buddhist Temple tour, etc. A transit tour  may last 123 and even 5 hours. Thus, you may choose the best variant for you depending on the time you have before flight. During a transit tour, an English-speaking person will accompany you. Besides, all the tours are free of charge. You should pay only for the exit to the places of interest you wish to visit, dinners and suppers.  

You may find more information about transit tours available in the Incheon Airport at the reference below.

Programs of transit tourism (english)

International Incheon Airport (english)

2. Individual tours provided by the airport railroad
The travelers who do not wish to buy a transit tour, but wish to travel alone in Korea, we highly recommend to use the services of airport railroad. It is the best and most convenient mode of transport to travel to the center of Seoul and back to the airport. 
The airport railroad connects the International Incheon Airport and Seoul railway station. Among the trains, there is an express train that is non-stop and bound to Seoul Railway station and a regular train that makes eight stops on its way. The express train trip will last 43 minutes, a regular train trip will last 53 minutes. (Express trains arrive with interval of 30 minutes, the regular trains  – 6 minutes)

  • Express train fare (non-stop): adult – 14,500 won (until 31 Dec 2015 special discount is active–  fare 8,000 won, group of more than 4 persons – 6,000 won/per) / children – 6,900 won 

  • Regular train fare: adult – 4,050 won / children 1,950 won card is ※paid separately

** fare is effective in April 2015 and may be changed.
If you travel by a regular train, you should know your final destination, because there are two routes: from Seoul railway station to Incheon airport and from Seoul railway station to Komam station.

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