04/12/2015 — the first flight on the route Vladivostok -Dalnegorsk —Vladivostoke performed on DHC-6 aircraft.

17/11/2015 — the first flight on the route Vladivostok -Dalnegorsk —Vladivostoke performed on DHC-6 aircraft.

16/11/2015 — Aurora’s call-center (8-800-250-49-88) launched

12/11/2015 — A citizen of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Mrs. Olga Ivanova, became Aurora’s million passenger in 2015 for the flight Vladivostok – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

09/11/2015 — Aurora successfully passed IATA certification procedure per IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) Standard

26/10/2015 — in accordance with Airline Business Rating, Aurora was approved as the leader regional airline in relation to passenger capacity.

25/09/2015 — In Vladivostok, Russkiy Island, Aviator Club Meeting was held to discuss the development of regional aviation in modern world in participation of Aurora.

25/09/2015 — Aurora celebrated its second anniversary.

19/08/2015 — the first flight on the route Terney – Edinka in Primorskiy Region was performed within scope of program intended to create passenger flight network in the Russian Far East.

28/07/2015 — the first B737 flight from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Iturup Island performed.

08/07/2015 — the first flight on the route Terney-Svetlaya, Terney – Amgu performed on DHC-6 aircraft.

02/07/2015 — the first flight on the route Kavalerovo – Khabarovsk performed on DHC-6 aircraft.

22/05/2015 — Aurora participated in XIX «Pacific International Tourism Expo» (PITE), held in Vladivostok, Russkiy Island.

21/05/2015 — the first flight on the route Vladivostok – Plastun – Vladivostok performed on DHC -6 aircraft.

15/05/2015 — Aurora launched  SKY SHOP project.

06/05/2015 — Aurora’s DHC-6 aircrafts were assigned the following names: Vladimir Saibel and Vladimir Arseniev

28/04/2015 — Aurora won the national award named Primorskiy business award as Socially responsible company in Primorskiy Region.

21/01/2015 — the seventh Airbus A319 aircraft, VQ-BWV added to Aurora’s fleet.

22/12/2014 — Aurora performs the first passenger flights on the following regional routes: Vladivostok – Kavalerovo – Plastun, Vladivostok – Terney – Amgu – Svetlaya on DHC-6 TwinOtter 400 aircrafts.

04/11/2014 — the second DHC-6 TwinOtter 400 aircraft, RA-67284, added to Aurora fleet.

25/09/2014 — Aurora celebrates its 1st anniversary.

23/08/2014 — the new DHC-6 TwinOtter 400 aircraft, RA-67283, added to Aurora’s fleet. 19-seat turbo jet Canadian manufacture aircraft is intended for flights to regional remote and local destinations.

21/08/2014 — information project launched in cooperation with Amur Tiger Center and intended to attract attention to problem of Amur tiger protection.

13/08/2014 — Sakhalin Aviator's Memorial opened with AN-24 aircraft, RA-47198, installed.

06/07/2014 — the first flight on the route Vladivostok – Harbin performed.

02/07/2014 — the first flight on the route Vladivostok – Hong Kong performed.

17/06/2014 — Aurora continues the increase of flight capacity and expansion of its flight network. New international route of Vladivostok – Dalian launched.

07/06/2014 — B737-500, RA 73006 added to Aurora’s fleet.

30/04/2014 — the fifth Airbus A319, registration VP-BWL, added to Aurora’s fleet.

07/04/2014 — Aurora won the national award named «Krilya Rossii 2013» as Passenger Airline of III – IV group.

27/01/2014 — the first regular international flight from Khabarovsk to Seoul launched

19/01/2014 — the new Airbus A319 aircraft, registration  VP-BUO, added to Aurora’s fleet

24/01/2014 — 49% of Aurora’s shares transferred by Aeroflot to Sakhalin Government.

14/11/2013 — First commercial flight of A319 by route VVO – KHV – MGN

09/12/2013 — B737-500 leased.

08/11/2013 — First А319 leased.

06/11/2013 — Aeroflot and Sakhalin Government signed an agreement to establish Aurora.

01/11/2013 — Khabarovsk and Primorsk branches established. Former personal of SAT and Vladivostok Avia employeed. 51 % of Aurora shares is Aeroflot’s asset.

28/09/2013 — First flight UUS- SEO

25/09/2013 — Aurora established on the basis of SAT Airlines and Vladivostok Avia Airlines. Being a subsidiary of Aeroflot since 2011. New Aurora Charter registered.


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