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Temporary Warehouse

We offer to store your cargo
in out warehouse in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Information for consignor/consignee and customs representatives!

Effective from 1st JAN 2012, the new procedure to obtain a one-time pass and to enter Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport is made in accordance with Order No. 40 approved by Russian Ministry of Transport dd. 08.02.2011 related to Aviation Safety Risks. Any Aurora warehouse client shall submit an appropriate request. The following shall be specified:

  • Company name (for legal persons)
  • Name of person to obtain a one –time pass
  • DOB
  • Place of residence
  • Title
  • Passport data
  • Vehicle type (cargo, passenger etc)
  • Vehicle model
  • Vehicle state registration
  • Vehicle color
  • Access area
  • Purpose (receipt/shipment/security check of cargo)
  • Period of stay in the airport

To receive your cargo, please, obtain your warehouse pass

You can download a standard request form by this link

Download a request form

The request is submitted by e-mail: In case of emergency, you can call 788-676. The requests will be delivered to the airport control point each hour. You can call 788-676, if any questions arise.

Information for consignees

In accordance with Order No. 2688 dd. 29.12.2012, You should execute an agreement for cargo storage at temporary warehouse.

Information about the warehouse

Type Open warehouse
Address Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport.
Useful capacity 336,75 sq. meters
Useful volume 1311.58 cubic meters
Services Loading/unloading, radiation control, storage

The warehouse is equipped with modern weight and loading equipment. The warehouse complies with all applicable laws.

Certificate No. 10707/171210/10025/5 dd. 12 August 2015 г. about inclusion into Register of warehouse owners


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Dear clients!
Effective from 1 APR 2016 Aurora changes its fees for warehouse services. You can read them at the above link.


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