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In-flight meals

Ordering a special meal

Dear passengers!

Aurora offers you a selection of in-flight and special meals to suit specific age, medical and religious requirements.
Special meals must be booked at least 36 hours prior to your flight at the time of ticketing/reservation for flight. Special meals can also be ordered by phone 8 800 444 55 55 (free call).
There is no additional fee for in-flight and special meals.
Please, keep in mind that in-flight and special meals will not be offered on Aurora DHC-6 aircrafts.

Aurora Business passengers Aurora Economy passengers

For Aurora Business passengers in-flight meals will include appetizers, hot meal (no selection of dishes), dessert, alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages (and/or tea, coffee) and will be provided on the flights of under 2-hour length. For Aurora Business passengers special meal order will be available only on the flights of over 2-hour length. For Aurora Business passengers travelling to/from Seoul, Beijing, Harbin, Hong Kong, Dalian, Busan in-flight meals will include Asian food.

For Aurora Economy passengers in-flight meals will include a sandwich, non-alcoholic beverages (and/or tea, coffee) and will be provided on the flights of under 3-hour length.

For Aurora Economy passengers special meal order (including appetizers, hot meal, dessert) will be available only on the flights over 3 hours length.

On Aurora flights the choice of special meals is limited. If you travel with children of under 12 years, Aurora recommend you to order children’s meals or baby food.

Types of Special meals:

Children’s meals Code: CHML
prepared for children over two years of age, light and easy-to-chew, served with milk, fruit, crackers, cheese and juice

Baby food meals Code: BBML
A baby meal includes a portion milk pack and an assortment of baby food
prepared for infants under two years of age

Religious Dietary Meals

Hindu non-vegetarian meals Code: HNML
prepared without beef, veal or pork; may be prepared with lamb, poultry or milk. Dishes are hot and spicy.

Kosher meals Code: KSML
prepared according to Jewish kosher rules

Moslem (Halal) meals Code: MOML
prepared without pork, gelatin, alcohol

Lenten meals Code: VJML
prepared with vegetables, fruit, nuts, cooked cereals (porridge) and mushrooms and without meat, fish or dairy products

Lactoprotein-free meals Code: NLML
prepared without milk, dairy products, yoghurt, cheese, butter, ice-cream, sherbet, etc.

Gluten-free meals Code: GFML
prepared without food products made with wheat, rye, barley or oats, dairy products, vegetable albumen

Dietary Meals

Diabetic meals Code: DBML
low-fat meals prepared without fried products, fructose or sugar

Low-calorie meals Code: LCML
meals containing approximately 1,200 calories, prepared with lean meat, low-fat dairy products, fruit and vegetables and without fried products

Low-fat/low-cholesterol meals Code: LFML
prepared without fried products, egg yolk, giblets, shrimps, crabmeat, lobsters or caviar
prepared with lean meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, vegetable oil, low-fat milk products

Salt-free meals Code: LSML
prepared without salt or salted products

Vegetarian meals

Hindu/Asian vegetarian meals Code: AVML
prepared without meat or fish, with limited use of dairy products

Strict vegetarian meals Code: VGML
prepared without poultry, milk or eggs

Fruit meals Code: FPML
prepared with fresh fruit (food allowance depends on flight duration)

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