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For Passengers

Critical Information issued by the Korean Aviation Authority

In accordance with the Directive on Critical Information recently issued by the Korean Aviation Authority, we would like to inform as follows:

Aurora aircraft data relating to flight to/from/within Korea

Registration number Aircraft type Date of manufacture
VP-BDM A-319-111 08.10.03
VP-BDN 14.10.03
VP-BUK 15.10.07
VP-BUN 31.10.07
VP-BUO 30.11.07
VP-BWA 25.09.03
VP-BWK 08.04.04
VP-BWL 13.05.04
VQ-BBD 11.03.09
VQ-BWV A-319-112 18.04.07

Aurora compensation standards

Please refer to Warsaw Convention dd. 12/10/1929 as amended by Protocol signed in the Hague on 28/09/1955 and Aurora Regulations for the Safe Transport of Passengers, Baggage and Cargo by Air (section Compensation standard) at


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