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Weapon transportation rules on flights of Aurora Airlines.

When booking a ticket and checking-in for JSC Aurora Airlines’ flights, passengers shall declare their intent to transport weapons in their baggage.

A Passenger intending to transport weapons shall arrive for check-in not later than one and a half hours before departure. In failure to follow this rule, the Carrier may refuse the passenger to transport such weapon on flight.

When weapons are transported within the Russian Federation, passengers must have the appropriate permit for the right to keep and bear weapon.

When weapons are transported to/from the territory of the Russian Federation or through the territory of the Russian Federation, passengers must have a permit for import/export of his/her weapons issued by a competent authority of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Any transfer passengers travelling within the Russian Federation with weapons in their baggage should declare the same at the transfer airport.

In accordance with the Weapons Act, foreign nationals are:

  • allowed to bring sporting and hunting weapons to the Russian Federation, provided that they have an invitation from a legal entity that holds a hunting license, a hunting contract concluded with said legal entity, or an invitation to participate in any sport events, as well as an appropriate permit issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs;

  • forbidden to bring to the Russian Federation and use in the Russian Federation the weapons of any kind, type or model to ensure personal security, protect the life and health of other citizens, their property, escorting cargoes, or for any other purposes not specified above, unless this is provided by certain international treaties of the Russian Federation.

Weapons must be handed in at departure airport for temporary keeping for the duration of the flight and are returned to the owners at destination airport.

It is forbidden to transport simulators of weapons (guns, revolvers, rifles, carbines, automatic guns, electric shock devices, etc.) in the aircraft cabin.

Weapon simulators may be carried only in checked-in baggage.

Any weapons accepted for transportation must be discharged and packed in the passenger’s container (cases, holsters, special tare, jackets) that must meet the requirements of safety and weapon preservation. Weapons and ammunitions must be packed separately.

The weight of ammunitions to be transported shall not exceed 5 kg per passenger.

It is forbidden to carry by air transport any ammunitions for gas-powered guns.

Air weapons with muzzle energy over 3 Joules are treated as civilian weapons (Article 3 of the Weapons Act) and have to be transported subject to the procedure provided for other weapons. For transportation of air weapons with muzzle energy over 7,5 Joules and over 4,5 mm caliber, a gun license is required (Article 13 of the Weapons Act).

Any domestically produced electric shockers and spark dischargers are treated as civilian weapons (Article 3 of the Weapons Act) and have to be transported subject to the procedure provided for other weapons. For transportation of such electric shockers, you must provide any technical information document to the MIA representatives who check the same for compliance with the state standards of the Russian Federation. Electric shockers produced outside the Russian Federation are forbidden for sale and transportation in Russia (Article 6 of the Weapons Act).

If the weapons and ammunition in the checked-in baggage include one piece of weapon (or one special piece of weapon, container with several weapons owned by one passenger) and one piece of ammunition, they will not be considered as a separate baggage piece provided that the total weight together with other passenger’s baggage piece does not exceed the prescribed rates. Otherwise, such weapons and ammunition will be treated as one baggage piece complying with baggage allowance. Additional fees will be collected if the total weight of baggage treated as one baggage piece containing weapons and ammunition thereto exceeds the prescribed rates for one baggage piece, and if a sum of baggage pieces of a passenger (including the baggage treated as one baggage piece, baggage containing any weapons and ammunition thereto) exceeds the rate stated in a ticket.


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