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Sports equipment

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Any sports equipment is regarded as a substandard baggage which carriage is arranged at preliminary agreement with the carrier when booking and purchasing an air ticket.    

On codeshare flights of JSC Aurora Airlines (HZ) and PJSC Aeroflot (SU), each of the following equipment is regarded as one piece of baggage and included in baggage allowance:  

Skiing gear

bag with 1 pair of skis and 1 pair of poles + 1 baggage piece with 1 pair of boots

1 bag with 1 pair of water skis

Snowboarding gear

1 bag with 1 snowboard + 1 baggage piece with 1 pair of boots

Ice hockey gear

gear bag + bag with 2 sticks


bicycle prepared for transportation

Golf gear

golf gear packed in a single bag

Fishing gear

(packed in 1 container or bag) 2 fishing rods, 1 set of fishing tackles

On JSC Aurora Airlines (HZ) own flights, the listed sports equipment (including a surfboard) is regarded as one piece of baggage and not included in baggage allowance (carried free of charge).

Other sports equipment

Other sports equipment is treated as 1 baggage piece and is included in the free baggage allowance.
The appropriate baggage rate will be applied if the total number of the passenger’s baggage pieces exceeds the number indicated on the ticket. Additional fee is collected if the equipment size and/or weight exceeds the limits for one baggage piece under the free baggage allowance.


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