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For Passengers

Registration and pre-flight inspection


Before flight, at departure airport, any passenger should pass through passport control, security control and baggage check. For an international flight, a passenger should undergo customs, immigration, quarantine, veterinary and other controls, if necessary.

Any passenger should arrive beforehand to comply with all necessary formalities (check-in, excess baggage check, security check, customs control, passport control) and to board an aircraft. Check-in starts 2 hours and ends 40 minutes prior to scheduled departure time (local time).

A passenger travelling from/to Sakhalin and Primorsk Regions on DHC-8 / DHC-6 aircrafts should arrive to check in 1.5 hours prior to departure time.

For check-in, a passenger should provide his passport or identification document. If necessary, a passenger should provide additional documents (attorney for child travel, medical/veterinary certificate etc).

For an international flight, a passenger should provide the documents required in accordance with the Laws of the country of arrival, departure and transit.

At check-in, any passenger will obtain a boarding pass to specify the passengers name and surname, flight number, flight route, departure date, boarding end time and seat number. If necessary, a boarding pass will specify other necessary info. Any passenger is boarded upon provision of passengers boarding pass for his flight.

Any passenger arriving for check-in or boarding after the end thereof will not be allowed to fly.

To avoid any possible inconvenience, you will need to obtain Auroras consent for carriage of the following:

  • Any passenger with child under 2 years;
  • Unaccompanied child;
  • Seriously ill passenger, deaf or/and blind passenger accompanied with a guide dog or unaccompanied, passenger with limited mobility or who needs special assistance/service in flight;
  • Passenger carrying weapons and/or cartridges;
  • Excess baggage;
  • Oversized baggage;
  • Heavy baggage;
  • pets.

You may be checked in for flight for flights under commercial operation of Aeroflot (SU) via:

Auroras flight may be checked in only via (HZ):

Preflight check

For safety reasons all passengers, baggage, cargo shall be checked before flight and, if necessary, after flight.

Airport Security Officers and Transport Policemen will perform preflight and after-flight check of passengers, baggage and cargo.

In case of passengers denial from preflight check Carrier has the right to terminate Contract of Carriage and refund the ticket cost in accordance with Carriers Fare Rules.

For attention of passengers flying with JEJU AIR, AIR ASIA, CEBU

  • JEJU AIR flights (7 2301, 7 2201);
  • AIR ASIA flights (7D 2683);
  • CEBU PACIFIC AIR flights (5J 129, 5J 195)

In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport your baggage will be registered for the route Yuzhno-Seoul. For further trip you should obtain a Korean visa. In Seoul airport you should receive your baggage and register at check-in counters of the above airlines.


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