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Unaccompanied children

Children from 5 to 16 years travelling alone

Is your child travelling alone and aged between 5 and 16 years? No problem!

Please, book a ticket, prepare any necessary travel documents and inform us about it.

We will take full care and provide an escorting person for the whole journey. You can be sure that your child will have an enjoyable travel experience with us!

You can order special or childs meals in accordance with your childs taste and medical /religious features. Special diet is provided free of charge. Ordering of meals shall be made while booking or ticketing but at least 36 hours prior to scheduled departure time. Diet or escorting service may be ordered while ticketing.

General information

If your child is under 5, he/she can fly only accompanied by an adult.

If your child is aged from 5 to 12 years, the accompaniment service is paid at the full tariff without childrens discounts, and the service is obligatory.

If your child is aged from 12 to 16 years, the price of the service is 100% of the normal adult rate and the service is provided at the request of the parents/trustees.

Escorting service is charged and provided only for direct cooperated flights with Aeroflot only within territory of Russia.

Your child may fly unaccompanied, if:

  • attendants stay with the child at the airport until departure;
  • the child will definitely be picked up at the airport of the arrival and such service is mandatory under local legislation.

For provision of escorting service, you need to fill in the official Aurora form and request for the service. A client shall provide the guaranteed meeting of a child in the arrival airport. Relatives or guardians shall stay at departure airport until flight departure. Please, inform us that your child will fly unaccompanied.

When all these requirements are met, Aurora shall bear all responsibility for your child until your child is met at the destination airport.

Rules of service

You can pay for the care and additional services provided to your child at any Agents ticket office or at Aurora's ticket office at the airport before the flight. Escorting service may be ordered by lawful representatives of a child: parents, guardians.

The following documents shall be provided:

  • passport of a parent/guardian,
  • birth/ guardianship certificate to confirm the relationship of a child with his /her parent /guardian.

Travelling with a group of children

When registering a group of children from other Russian cities and when it is impossible to provide letters of attorney, and details about organization purchase and registration of tickets, you must provide a guarantee of the availability of letters of attorney from parents, adoptive parents and guardians for each child in the group (this requirement is necessary only for children who are Russian citizens), which fact is also noted by the head of the group.

At departure airport


You shall arrive in advance at the airport to check in, check your baggage, pass customs and passport control and board an aircraft.

Note that the check-in of a child accompanied with escorting person will be provided only at airport check-in counter. Check-in of a child cannot be completed using self-check terminals, mobile phone or online.

At check-in, you shall provide the following documents:

  • birth certificate or Russian passport;
  • identity certificate of a guardian;
  • completed official Auroras form and request for service which specifies all necessary data (name, address, phone) of meeting / accompanying person;
  • coupon confirming payment of escorting service.

The following documents will be included into a plastic file labelled UM Unaccompanied child, necessary to complete for flight:

  • travel documents, route coupon, boarding pass, baggage coupon;
  • official Auroras form and request for escorting service;
  • birth certificate or passport necessary to pass customs and passport control.

The plastic file shall be with the child escorted within the whole flight.

You should provide the escorting person presence before the scheduled aircraft departure.


For unaccompanied child, the baggage allowance norms will be applied in accordance with service class and fee application rules. Label the baggage to be checked with your contacts. Try to reduce the weight of hand baggage of your child. Note that in your childs baggage there shall be no dangerous items.

At arrival airport

After landing your child will be delivered by a flight attendant to ground serviceman. The meeting person you specified in the request shall arrive to the airport at the estimated time of arrival and provide to the serviceman his/her passport with photo.

We provide assistance for disabled persons for embarkation/ disembarkation.

Please, consult your doctor before buying a ticket:

  • if you have medical permission to fly;
  • which preventive measures should be taken to fly;
  • if you need an escorting person to fly.

Please, while booking or ticketing inform us which special services or assistance you will need during a flight. We do not demand any information about your disabilities or medical limitations, but it will be better if you inform us in advance to assist you in flight. Our airline operators will answer all your questions, give you advice on formalities and procedures.

Please, inform us if you take with you your wheelchair (its dimensions, type, type of batteries), crutches or dog.

If a passenger suffering from mental disability is going to fly, we will provide the flight service only on condition that an appropriate medical certificate is provided and specify the necessity of the flight.

Any passenger with mental disability can fly only, if he/she is approved beforehand by Carrier and confirmed immediately before flight. At the departure airport, such mentally disabled passengers will be checked in the medical airport office and obligatory escort by medical person of the airline/airport will be provided: at departure airport from check-in counter to landing point, at arrival airport from aircraft to meeting person.


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