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For Passengers

Hold luggage and carry-on luggage

All luggage carried by a passenger, including carry-on luggage, must be submitted while registering for the flight in accordance with flight safety requirements.

Dear passengers, please, bear in mind, that free luggage allowance depends upon the type of an aircraft, destination and service class.

When the airline accepts a passenger’s luggage for carriage assuming liability for its intactness, the luggage is marked with a luggage tag and is carried in the luggage hold of the aircraft; such luggage is called registered luggage.

We recommend that you should attach a name tag to each such luggage piece indicating your last name, flight number, date and phone number in Latin letters.

A simplified system for determining the free luggage allowance is employed at Aurora Airlines; it is based on a piece system for the destinations below. The piece system is differentiated depending on destination, type of an aircraft and service class.

The free registered luggage allowance

Destination Free luggage allowance and weight for hold and carry-on luggage
Business class Economy class Infants up to 2 years old do not get an individual seat
Registered luggage Carry-on luggage Registered luggage Carry-on luggage Registered luggage
Flights under commercial management of Aeroflot PJSC (SU) A-319 2 pieces 32 kg each 1 piece 15 kg 1 piece 23 kg 1 piece 10 kg 1 piece 10 kg
DHC-8 - -
Flights of Aurora Airlines JSC (HZ) DHC-8 - - 1 piece 23 kg 1 piece 5 kg
2 pieces 23 kg each *
Not provided for **
Flights within Primorsky region DHC-6 - 1 piece 10 kg Is included into registered luggage allowance ***

* applies on Vladivostok-Narita-Vladivostok and Vladivostok-Harbin-Vladivostok
** is applied to non-return tariffs for which no free luggage allowance is stipulated
*** Cabin of the aircraft DHC-6 does not enable to place carry-on luggage safely, except for items, which are allowed to be carried in the aircraft cabin in excess of the carry-on luggage allowance

Size of the registered luggage and carry-on luggage carried free of charge must not exceed:

  • 158 cm - the sum of three dimensions of the registered luggage in business and economy class
  • 115 cm - the sum of three dimensions of the registered luggage of infants, who have no individual seat regardless of the service class
  • 55 cm (length), 40 cm (width) and 25 cm (height) for one piece of carry-on luggage for all service classes for flights performed by Airbus A-319
  • 50 cm (length), 32 cm (width) and 18 cm (height) for one piece of carry-on luggage for flights performed by the aircraft Bombardier DHC-8

If the total weight of a passenger’s luggage (including weight of the carry-on luggage) does not exceed 10 kg, the number of luggage pieces is not limited.

The following items (per one passenger) may be carried as a carry-on luggage in excess of the free carry-on luggage allowance free of charge:

  • A backpack, a lady’s purse or a business case, which weight does not exceed 5 kg and sum of dimensions does not exceed 80 cm with other items inside it;
  • A bucket of flowers;
  • Outer garments;
  • Baby formula to feed a baby during the flight;
  • A suit in a garment bag;
  • A baby carrier (a cradle, restraint systems for children under 2 years old, a foldable infant stroller with maximum dimensions 42x50x20 cm) for carrying a baby, which can be safely located in the aircraft’s cabin on a shelf above the passenger seat or underneath the passenger seat in front. If a passenger has paid for a separate seat for a child, he/she may attach a child restraint system to it seat equipped with safety belts certified for use on aircrafts;
  • Medications or special diet items in the amount necessary for the flight;
  • Crutches, walking canes, walking frames, rollator walker, foldable wheel chair used by a passenger, which may be safely located in an aircraft’s cabin. These means of transport may be carried in an aircraft if there is sufficient space for locating them safely, otherwise they must be submitted to the luggage hold free of charge;
  • Goods purchased from duty-free stores at the airport packed in a sealed plastic bag, if the sum of their three dimensions does not exceed 115 cm

Special terms for carrying certain items as carry-on luggage

One of the following items may be carried at the passenger’s option as one carry-on luggage piece subject to weight restrictions stipulated to the respective service class:

  • One musical instrument, if the sum of its three dimensions does not exceed 135 cm;
  • One guitar, if the sum of its three dimensions does not exceed 135 cm subject to preliminary coordination through contact-center, sales office of the airline or its official agent not later than 36 hours before the scheduled time of the flight (the quantity of guitars accepted for carriage in an aircraft’s cabin is limited);
  • One rocket for lawn tennis / squash packed in a piece cover;
  • Badminton set consisting of two simple rockets and 3 pen-type birdies packed in a piece cover.

If different items as carried as carry-on luggage, the actual carry-on luggage (besides the items carried in excess of the free allowable luggage) is not allowed.


The possibility to carry both carry-on luggage and items carried in excess of it without any additional fee does not apply to children under two years old, who do not have an individual seat.

A passenger must take care of his/her carry-on luggage and items carried in the aircraft cabin in excess of the free carry-on luggage allowance.

When registering for a flight and / or leaving the arrival terminal the passenger must submit his/her carry-on luggage for weighing at the carrier’s request, as well as his/her backpack, a baby cradle or a baby stroller, if a baby is carried. If the carry-on luggage exceeds the free luggage allowance stipulated by the carrier, the passenger must submit it as hold luggage as provided by terms of the contract for air carriage of the passenger.

Please, bear in mind, that if during boarding any carry-on luggage is found to exceed the free luggage allowance, which has not been paid for, the airline is entitled to rescind the contract for air carriage of the passenger unilaterally as provided art. 230 and 138 of the Federal Aviation Rules No. 82.

Luggage is registered as a transfer luggage to the destination indicated in the ticket for the flight from the initial point of departure. If a passenger has two separate tickets (reservations), the luggage will be registered only to the first stop (STOPOVER), turn or the destination stated in the ticket under which the passenger is accepted for carriage. Fee for the luggage in excess of the free luggage allowance can be accepted to the same destinations, as the registered luggage.

Excess luggage Category of excess Tariff RUB (only for flights within the Russian Federation) Tariff EUR (for other flights)
Number of pieces  1* и 2 piece 2500 50
3 and subsequent pieces 7500 150
Excess weight   Above 23 kg, but not exceeding 32 kg 2500 100
Above 32 kg, but not exceeding 50 kg 5000 150
Excess size based the sum of three dimensions Above 158 cm, but not exceeding 203 cm 5000 100
Above 203 cm 7500 150

Due to local peculiarities of airports or in compliance with requirements of state bodies handing luggage (reloading from one flight to the other) of transfer passengers is not ensured in the following airports:

  • Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (any connecting flights)
  • Khabarovsk (connecting flights from federal cities (on the territory of the Russian Federation) to international destinations and back). In this case, you need to receive your luggage at the transfer airport and register it when registering for your next flight.

If weight, width or height of your luggage exceed the free luggage allowance, you need to pay for the registered excessive luggage according to the tariffs below.

The following tariffs for domestic and international flights are in force for excessive luggage under the piece system:

  • * applicable to non-return tariffs, on which no free luggage allowance exists

If the free luggage allowance is exceeded in several categories, the final tariff will be the sum of the tariffs applicable to the registered excessive luggage.

The following tariffs for registered excessive luggage are in force for flights within Sakhalin region:

Destination Category of excess Tariff, rubles/kg
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – Okha and back 1 piece above 23 kg. 2 and subsequent pieces based on actual weight. Above 158 cm based on the sum of three dimensions 99
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – Kurilsk and back 70
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – Yuzhno-Kurilsk and back 79

Children from 2 to 12 years old should follow the same free luggage allowance, as adults do.

The free luggage allowance for infants under 2 years old (who do not have an individual seat) consists of 1 piece of maximum weight 10 kg and the sum of three dimensions 115 cm regardless of the service class.

The free luggage allowance applies to the entire itinerary (each way) from the registration point to the first stop (more than 24 hours stopover) or to the destination point.

If the free luggage allowance is exceeded in weight and dimensions, the final tariff will be the sum of the excess weight tariff and the tariff for the entire weight of the oversize luggage.

Heavy luggage (if weight of one piece exceeds 32 kg, but does not exceed 50 kg) and oversized luggage (if sum of dimensions of one piece exceeds 203 cm) may be carried subject to preliminary coordination with the carrier. Weight of one luggage piece should not exceed 50 kg.

Liquids, gels and aerosols, which are considered safe

In containers not greater than 100 ml (or equivalent volume in different volume units) packed in a reliably sealed transparent plastic bag; the total volume per one passenger should not exceed 1 liter. Liquids in containers exceeding 100 ml cannot be accepted for carriage even if the container is not full. The only exceptions are mediations, baby formulas and special diet items.

Liquids purchased from duty free stores or aboard the aircraft must be packed in a reliably sealed plastic bag, which ensures that any use of its contents during the flight can be detected. The package must bear a reliable proof that the item was purchased from a duty free store or aboard the aircraft on the day (days) of the trip.


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