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For Passengers

Aeroflot Bonus Program

Program benefits apply to Aurora flights

  • Pay for flights
  • Accumulate
    the miles flown
  • Start flying

Pass the check-in and become
a program member


Accumulate flight miles and fly free!

Aerofot miles can be changed for free ticket or used to upgrade your service class! Get other benefilts!

Aeroflot Bonus Program allows that the frequently flying passengers accumulate miles or scores for each flight (called miles). In case of accumulation of prescribed score, they can buy a free/ discount ticket and upgrade the service class (from economy to business class).
The large airlines and alliances allow their loyal clients accumulate miles for each partners flight (you can also pay for partners flights with miles), and for purchase of other services and products. Co-branding card use and accommodation service use are the popular methods to accumulate miles for the flights.

Flying with Aeroflot, you may get an elite, gold or silver member status. The elite members have the right for the following premium class service:

  • priority check-in
  • access to first and business class lounges
  • free carriage of excess baggage
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