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14 June / 2016

Aurora’s efforts resulted in increased passenger flow for the flights to Primorskiy Region

Nowadays, Aurora performs eight regular interregional flights from Vladivostok to Kavalerovo, Plastun, Terney, Dalnerechensk, Dalnegorsk, from Terney to Amgu, Svetlaya, Edinka. It also performs one regional flight from Kavalerovo to Khabarovsk. The flights are performed on two DHC-6 aircrafts with maximal seat capacity of 19 seats. Aurora’s cooperation with Primorskiy Region Administration and with Plastun Avia Company resulted in success for realization of regional program intended to create a passenger flight network.

For Primorsk citizens the cost of flight is cheaper due to Primorsk budgeting program related to airline operations. The maximal ticket for a regional flight cost not more than 2,000 rubles and is equal to the bus travel cost of the same route.

While developing of the regional flights, Primorskiy Region Administration continue to improve the aerodrome infrastructure. In the local airport the following facilities have been improved by personnel of Plastun-Avia Company: runways, parking stands, passenger terminal. They reconstructed the aerodrome facilities in Dalnegorsk and Amgu villiages prior to resuming of flights. Now they are working on projects to reconstruct the landing spaces in Vostok, Lazo, Olon, Okhotnichiy villiages for DHC-6 aircraft landing; they are considering the future reconstruction of flight operation infrastructure in Arseniev and Nakhodka.

Now Primorskiy Region Administration, Plastun-Avia Company and Aurora are working to increase flight capacity and development of new destinations in consideration of purchase of new DHC-6 aircraft. Among the new routes, they consider Vladivostok – Preobrazhenie where a new landing space and passenger terminal are being built.

«Aurora’s cooperation with Primorsk Region Administration and, personally, with Governor Vladimir Miklushevskiy is aimed to restore the local flight capacity and is of long-term and strategic nature», - says Konstantin Sukhorebrik, Aurora General Director.

Aurora’s operational factors (Primorskiy Region):
Factor 5 months of 2016 5 months 2015 Percentage
Passenger flow, persons 11202  3791 195,5%
Flight operation of DHC-6 aircraft, hours 1243,62 384,62  208,6% 
Number of flights performed, flights 926 300 223,3%

Aurora Airlines has been established in 2013 by Aeroflot based on Decree of Russian Government. It is a member of Aeroflot group. Now Aurora’s fleet consists of 21 aircrafts: ten Airbus А319 aircrafts, nine DHC-8 aircrafts and two regional DHC-6 aircrafts. Aurora is certified by IOSA. It performs regular international flights to the following destinations: Seoul, Pusan, Harbin, Dalian, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sapporo. Interregional flights are performed by Aurora to/from the following cities: Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Magadan, Yakutsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Novosibyrsk, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarks, Blagoveschensk, Neryungri. Aurora also performs regular regional flights to villages and cities of Sakhalin and Primorskiy Region.


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